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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Blogging for Fun and Profit

I have started to realize just how rarely I interact in social contexts. I suspect that blogging came about as a way for programmers to be social without leaving their computer. This being the case, it may be something that I need to engage in more often. The blog is a sort of guy's diary - something that you can write in yet not confide in. Maybe the reason guys don't keep diaries is the secretive notion of them - guys favor social interaction over quiet introspection. Or at least thats all they will admit. Thus the blog is a way for people to keep a journal without keeping secrets... if that makes any sense. Its all for the sport of the interaction, and there is more of it than one might expect. Sometimes the absense of a post says more than the post itself.


  • Most of us are inherently social despite reclusive tendencies to the contrary. Blogging is a good way to mull over things with inputs and outputs from other thoughtful folk.

    Still I have your mix cd, we should Tin Drum it up sometime. What are you doing at noon on Thursday? There is an interesting GVU audio brownbag:


    By Blogger Like the Moon, At 2/13/05 9:49 AM  

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