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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Little Break From Coding

AWStats has brought to my attension some incidents that I find a little disturbing... Let me present to you the current search queries for ynniv.com in April:

recursive drawing java2
naughty svn1
rails .htaccess rewrite1
itunes 51
dependency injection frameworks1
recursive drawing1
moving to another country1
coding autorun1

First off... "naughty svn"... 3rd page, baby (due to a mishap link to another blog post, "Naughty Dog Software"). ... Why would someone search for this? Is your versioning system being a bad little boy? Does it need discipline? Is it wearing black panties or something? People, it versions your text files - leave it alone! Nothing good will come of molesting svn, its only there to serve your basic versioning needs!

Next up, "itunes 5". Apparently, a blog of mine made it to page 13 of "itunes 5" on google. Which begs the quesiton, What were you doing on page 13?! After the first 10 or so pages, would you not reconsider your search term? And more importantly, why am I even on page 13?!? The only thing I had to say was that iTunes 5 looked a lot like iTunes 4 with the graphical contrast cranked up. I'm not sure if my google ranking says more about Google's PageRank system, or people's opinions of iTunes 5.

Now, my favorite: "moving to another country". I made page 4 on this one. I like this for a number of reasons. First, I think more people should move to another country. Not in the "this is my country, get a move on" sense, but the "everyone cool is going somewhere else" sense. Why? Because I think that the United States is simply too cocky. We're pretty far behind on a lot of new things (the painfully obvious, glaring example is Broadband 'net access), and yet, we think we're the bomb dug. For instance, were you aware that the United States is Ferrari's largest market?

Plain and simple, we have too much money and no idea what to do with it. So, if you haven't yet, and are interested in, I highly recommend spending some time in another country. No, don't go on vacation - thats just moving your US lifestyle to Ibiza for the week. The French call this "le bullshite". If you have the opportunity, study abroad. Trust me, you have no idea how important this is until you've done it.

Go to a place that has a high cost to quality-of-life ratio, and you'll understand how real people live. In places like Costa Rica and Peru, you could retire on the cost of that Ferrari - and live a good life too. Guess what - there's even Internet access. Think about that - with $150k in the bank, you could buy your own castle in Costa Rica, and still read Slashdot. Now, you should be warned that you'll need to own and know how to use a shotgun. But, how hard do you really have to work to bank $150k for retirement? I met a guy from California who did just this.

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