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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

iTunes 5 = iTunes 4 with no metal

The biggest difference between iTunes 4 and iTunes 5? Well, iTunes 5 doesn't use the controversial metal theme. Instead, it uses a theme much like Mail.app - a smooth, ultra shiny theme. My $0.02? This new theme is graphically unbalanced and too contrasted. I expect the next release of iTunes (5.1? 5.0.1?) to have a drastically lighter, less shadowed theme. My honest first impression is that the current theme just doesn't live up to Apple's refinement.


  • Seen this yet?
    "The iTunes 5 Announcement From the Perspective of an Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal User Interface Theme":
    ~Josh = friend(Graham)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9/15/05 5:38 PM  

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