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Sunday, June 19, 2005

objc_msgSend_rtp - When 10.4 Tiger is Tired

While developing some code, my app would consistently hang when creating a Drag and Drop NSPasteboard (clipboard) item. Strangely enough, it would hang while allocating the NSPasteboard, something that I don't expect should ever happen. I researched this for about 20 minutes, and then decided that I would try rebooting (not something that I am used to doing on the Mac). Quitting XCode caused XCode to hang, a fate that would fall upon all the apps I tried to quit. It was clearly time to reboot the laptop, however possible. "However possible" turned out to be a hard power off by holding down the power button - mmm, tasty.

So, if you're seeing objc_msgSend_rtp in crash logs or in your debugger, it may be time to reboot. No one seems to know what this _rtp version of objc_msgSend does yet, since it has been (AFAICT) added in Tiger. I guess we'll find out more later.


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